Celebrity mixjam 2018

When it’s time to shake  tables relating to Celebrities lifestyle, relationships, actions and behaviors in Nigeria, i put it to you that most fans of these celebrities are ready to discuss, argue, disagree and even fight in order to save  or tarnish the image of their high valued celebrities. Because of societal or environmental upbringing, Nigerians have varied opinions concerning different subjects or situations relating to celebrities. Fans on social media have been known so far to have fuelled celebrity gists and controversies throughout 2018.

In the world of entertainment, there are bound to be scandals which indirectly affect the image of a celebrity either for good or bad. The year 2018 was not really filled with scandals unlike previous years for a lot of celebrities, A critical look at the year shows that majority of the celebrity scandals that rocked the media were mainly baby mama dramas and infidelity scandals. The best part of Nigerian Celebrity scandals is that comedians tend to bring out jokes or slangs from such issues, such as “STEW”, do we keep following and loving what they do after these situations or we just turn our backs at them for what happened is a very personal decision.

Here are the top celebrity scandals that made the headlines in 2018;


Wizkid had an outstanding year as a music star and also as a fashion ambassador but it wasn’t all rosy in his relationship with his baby mamas and his responsibility as a father to his kids.  He was caught inbetween two  baby mamas, Binta Diallo  and Shola Ogudu and they both  spent the better part of 2018 calling him out.

The first drama started in May 2018  between the Music Star and his baby mama Diamond Diallo who called out the singer for failing to pay his child support. She went on to drag him on her social media page, calling him a deadbeat dad. It didn’t end there, she revealed how she was begged not to sue Wizkid so as to not get him into trouble with the immigration in the United States of America. According to her, she was acting solely as the father and mother to their son and therefore she deserved accolades. Not knowing there would be another one.

Later in  September 2018, the second baby mama drama started.  Shola Ogudu literally woke everyone up to a long thread of how she had been maltreated by Wizkid. In her long Instagram posts, she shared screenshots of conversations she had with Wizkid which according to her was to debunk the claims that she was after his money only. One shocking revelation made by Shola Ogudu in her social media rants was the fact that her son might have been exposed to things he wasn’t supposed to see. She gave an example of the time Wizkid allegedly made their son touch the boobs and ass of the women in his house because he wanted to be sure about his sexuality.  These issues split Wizkid fans into three, the ones who still felt Wizkid didn’t do anything bad still, the ones who chose to be silent about the situation and preferred it wasn’t there businesses, and the fans who decided Wizkid crossed the line and isn’t a father. All these were revealed in their various comments.

Small Doctor’s arrest and Police Issues

The music star that rose to stardom not quite long had a 2018 falling out with law enforcement. Small Doctor as he is known, was arrested for allegedly threatening to shoot a police officer. The music star was arrested by men of the Lagos State Police Command for allegedly threatening a police officer with a gun. The Officials at the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department in Yaba, Lagos gave a detailed account of the situation. saying the music star was arraigned at the Ebute Metta Magistrate court along with the other occupants in his car on Tuesday December 4, 2018. Earlier, the “Penalty” singer had been paraded with his gang by the Lagos State Police Command on Monday, December 3, 2018 after he was arrested for allegedly threatening a police officer with a gun.

Wizkid and Tiwa Savage dating rumors

Wizkid remains at the centre of another scandal after sparking up rumors of a romantic relationship with Mavin’s first lady, Tiwa Savage. The rumors started trailing the two talented singers after featuring together on a song, “Malo” a few years ago. Despite the 11 year-gap between Wizkid and Tiwa Savage, the speculation was reignited afresh this year after they appeared in a few shows and suggestive pictures together. With the release of the hit video, “Fever” in October 2018 in which Tiwa is seen almost kissing Wizkid in many scenes while playing the role of a vixen, the initial rumor’s flame became a fire at its peak.  Many Nigerians fans, especially with their Tweets and Hashtags on Twitter  took the video as a confirmation of the long-standing relationship rumors between Tiwa Savage and Wizkid. But the vocal goddess took to her social media to post a brief statement saying“Your relationship does not need to make sense to anyone except you and your partner. It’s a relationship, not a community project”. With this, it was believed by many fans of both party to be a denial message, while the other half say it could as well be a confirmation of a relationship with the Starboy. A lot of speculations and opinion still roll around these two singers.

Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy scandal

When the news of Linda Ikeji’s engagement came to light around March, many of her blog readers and fans immediately began to congratulate her through various means even though nothing was revealed about her groom to be. Then on May 20, Linda Ikeji revealed her 6-month old baby bump along with a lengthy post which provided a story of her pregnancy journey and the excitement that engulfed her household when she found out she was pregnant, mixed reactions trailed it altogether. As fans began to congratulated her for the second time in 2018, her co journalist Kemi Olunloyo reacted by accusing Linda of wearing a prosthetic bump and saying Ikeji was neither engaged nor pregnant. In a post directly addressing Kemi Olunoyo’s claims, Ikeji queried why someone she helped while in prison could utter such false claims about her pregnancy, nothing that she would have openly adopted a child if she was unable to conceive, if she wanted instead of faking it all. The pregnancy saga was so heavy online that it drew several reactions from Nigerians on social media including the likes of Freeze, Don Jazzy, Tonto Dikeh but unknown to Nigerians, that was the first part of it all. Before the end of the year, the blogger released another epistle on her son and the pregnancy preceding him, revealing the full identity of the father of her son while also making it known her relationship with the man is broken irretrievably. It was the biggest of all in terms of the reach and how much it dominated trends across social media platforms. Even after the birth of the child Kemi Olunloyo still kept saying and trying to  prove through her posts and videos that Linda Ikeji was never pregnant and that she called into the hospital where she delivered her son and it was all a lie. This got so heavy and there were millions of reaction and comments accompanied it.


Davido’s private jet controversy

One of the biggest gist on Nigerian social media platforms back in May had to do with Nigerian music superstar, Davido, announcing the acquisition of a private jet. Via his official Twitter handle. The award winning singer Davido made the claim which many blogs started reporting without most even deeming it fit to see any evidence or question the claim. Well, with his standing as one of Africa’s richest musicians and with the vastly deep pockets of his father, not many doubted that Davido could afford a private jet; all they wanted was to see any kind of evidence. about two months after Davido elaborately planted the gist on his Insta-story for all who cared to see, nothing was forthcoming, even some of his fans started doubting the self-styled “Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) “claim, the reactions was so much that i would personally say it got too much until  August 18, when the story changed again after the emergence and circulation of a video showing Davido’s father, Chief Deji Adeleke, alongside other people praying beside the private jet right before it took off. Accompanied by Chioma, Davido took his first flight with the private jet to Cotonu where he reportedly had a show, days after the luxury plane arrived. But some Nigerians still kept saying he co-owned the private jet.

Mercy Aigbe’s Red Dress

Around January 2018, Mercy Aigbe celebrates her birthday and took to her social media pages to share her birthday shoot in a beautiful red gown. Well, it didn’t take long before the scandal that rocked the birthday eclipsed the actual event. After Mercy Aigbe had released the photos she got called out by a certain lady for wearing the red dress saying it belonged to her that the red dress was meant for her wedding reception. They went back and forth on social for days as everyone wanted to really know who the owner of the red dress was. Even the designer of the said red dress wasn’t left out of the drama as Mercy Aigbe threatened to take legal actions against them.

After the bride that called out the designer Maryam Elisha of RikatoByMe for giving out her wedding reception dress to actress Mercy Aigbe for her 40th birthday photo shoot, the designer blamed the supposed mistake on a dispatch error and apologized for the pain she caused the new bride. Now although Mercy didn’t react as the back and forth went on, the issue went on until a stylist ‘Styledbyseun’ came forward to take responsiblity for the whole situation. How it happened we didn’t eventually get to know but the case did not end until a letter was  addressed to the bride’s lawyers Capital field Attorneys, Aigbe’s lawyer, Nwokeji Ibeakokwu & Co., threatened to sue both the bride and Rikaotobyme for defamation of character. The letter states that Mercy Aigbe had no contact with the designer, as she had contracted a stylist StyledBySeun to style her for her birthday shoot. The accusation that there was a “deliberate and fraudulent conspiracy” between Rikaotobyme and Mercy Aigbe by the bride’s lawyers was termed as a “malicious allegation.” Aigbe’s lawyers also asked that the bride tender a public apology, much in the way as the public threat to sue, absolving their client of all blame.


Davido – victory on social media at last….

There is a silent war which has been going one for a while now, in fact lets say this epic battle began with the full realization of social media networking. From both the forign end and locally, celebrities have always seen their fan base as a thing to brag about. Singer Davido is now the most followed Nigerian celebrity on social media platform, Twitter, with over 4.65 million followers.

Davido who is also the most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram overtook Starboy Wizkid who was on the Twitter Naija throne. Both Davido and Wizkid are above the 4 million mark, with 4.65 million & 4.61 million followers respectively, so in addition to his numerous awards and classic wins it is safe to say that davido has also bagged this. Kudos to the Kin

Don- Jazzy; “I am not in a hurry”

Music Executive, Michael Ajereh popularly known as Don Jazzy has once again opened up on his marital status as he clocks 36 later in the year.

In an exculsive chat with a very reliable source, Don Jazzy noted that though he is in a relationship at the moment, he is not in a hurry to get married.

Don Jazzy in His words ; “I don’t bring up issues about my relationship status on purpose. People always talk about it though It is not difficult to find a wife; there are many beautiful women out there. It is not like I am ready; I am not the perfect version of what I would like to be to my wife and family.

If time passes and nobody wants to marry me, then so be it but for now, I don’t feel I have worked on myself enough. I don’t want a scenario where I would get married and my music or business would take me away and the next thing would be that my wife would start complaining that I am hardly around.

“My other ex-girlfriends left me, they didn’t break my heart, and they just moved on, some of them are married now, if they were still waiting for me, they won’t be married by now. People have their personal agendas and it is understandable. For me, I am not in a hurry.”


Nigerian Music Executive- ex worker now expecting mama…Ubi Franklin

Words they say  are powerful, they can bring a man down or elevate him, in light of the speculations going around it is expected that you read this caption with your innermost eye and the wisdom of Sir Wole Shoyinka t properly deduce his message, Nigerian Music Executive  already with an ongoing confrontation with Iyanya, Ubi Franklin took to his instagram to share a photo with a suggestive caption bragging about his reproductive achievements saying his goal is so have all his kids before 40.

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