It is a well told story of the bible that David defeated goliath, was a king and was a quiet unsatisfied man has he was known to have an insatiable taste in women which often got him into trouble, our extreme star of this edition is also a DAVID but with qualities that mostly contradict the above referenced one.
This particular David apparently has more swag, hence the “DAVIDO”, is easily satisfied in terms of women {chioma}, tho he also has questionable actions of the past, but took responsibility for them, is a go getter, promises and delivers, and is rated amongst the top most expensive and influential musician at home and abroad.
He is known to worth about 14 million dollars, and born on the 21st day of November 1992 in Atlanta Georgia. He is a renowned Nigerian recording artist, performer, songwriter and a proud co- owner of the label HKN Music. He has produced for nateo c, skales, tiwa savage and sauce kid and even bagged a partnership with Guinness World Of More in the year 2013.
His recent single “FALL” has been the most played Nigerian song all over the United States, and has been number 13 on the US charts for weeks.
I can keep going on and on as the list of his accomplishments and awards is just endless, all pedestals to the fact that he is simply legendary, not forgetting that with all this success he still manages to be a great father to both AUORA and HALIEY. A philanthropist by nature as he has helped a lot of celebrities and upcoming acts to the peak of their career.
Cutting to the chase this piece is centered not just on his accomplishments but his ability to make promises and deliver #ASSURANCETOSURE
DAVID ADEDEJI ADELEKE, owner of albums:
· Omo Baba Olowo – 2012
· Best of Davido – 2015
· Son of mercy -2016
Has been a very good affiliate of Extreme magazine, making out time for our lunch parties and also a source of inspiration to our editing team. He is in tune with his music and has always had the gut to rise above every form of negativity around him.
He covers this edition, and it is quite obvious that there was almost nothing viable to ask during his interview other than what to expect in the coming years, in his words,
“When I dropped the track assurance most listeners and a lot of my family <fans> had the impression that I was simply referring to my love life, but that is just the thing about music. There are a lot of messages that when you listen and digest the lyrics of a song you would be able to understand the messages hidden right between the lines. Music is what I do, I haven’t disappointed and I don’t plan to, I have things in my warehouse that I am not ready to let out yet, till i feel my fans are prepared for it.
I have assured you and I am more that capable to deliver”.
He said it all, and if this isn’t Extreme honesty and assurance, then tell me what is?

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